Friday, November 5, 2010

Austin, TX to La Grange, TX Nov 5

We finally made it out of Austin two days ago.  Visiting Ann's relatives was so much fun we could hardly leave.  When we decided to make the move, a storm moved in with wind, rain and cold which made us stay a couple more days.  Thanks to Betsy, and Seth, our lodging was taken care of.  Austin is a great place to visit and ,we surmise, to live as everyone we met there was enthusiastic about the city. 

Seth took us on a short trip outside town to a rock climbing area where he spends a lot of his free time.  The Colorado river runs through the town and is damed up in several places creating lakes which offer lots of boating opportunities.  Along the river in downtown (Lake Austin) is a very nice biking/walking path which goes on for several miles.  It is the capital of Texas which adds to its prominence and diversity.  We were glad we took the time to visit our family and had a chance to get acquainted with the city.

Leaving Austin, we  battled a terrific head wind for much of the day.  At times we were almost blown off the road when the wind switched to the side.  We camped in Bastrop State Park, which is renowned for the "Lost Pines Area."  It is an area where there is a beautiful pine forest that should not be there.  There are theories as to why the pine trees exist, but the fact that they are there draws a steady stream of visitors.  The cold spell that came through Austin earlier was still around, and the temperatures dropped into the 30's which made for a chilly time cooking and sleeping. 

We had a hard time getting started this morning due to darkness and cold.  Tomorrow the weather is suppose to warm up a bit.  We need a shower and warm room tonight so are staying in a hotel in La Grange.  Tomorrow we hope to make a few more miles through what we understand is some beautiful country.

 Rock climbing near Austin, at the Barton Creek area.
 View of Lake Austin from Betsy's home.
 Marte (Betsy's daughter), Megan (Ann's cousin), Ann & Betsy (Megan's aunt)
Cayley & Seth (Megan's kids)
Biking on the hike/bike river trail in Austin

Close-up of American Beautyberry bush in Bastrop State Park

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