Monday, November 1, 2010

Brackettville, TX to Austin, TX November 1

 This blog starts out with a question?  Texas has a history of being a state that has had six flags during it's existence.  Six Flags Over Texas. Can you guess what they were?

We are in the big city of Austin, Texas, after pedalling through the "Hill Country" of Central Texas.  The road takes more ups and downs than you can imagine.  Just as soon as you climb one hill you can be sure there will be a down hill and then up, up again.  Although the official bike map we are following does not go through Austin, Ann has relatives here and we decided that was a good excuse to take the alternative route into the city.  It's a beautiful city that has lots of parks, bike paths, river walks, and friendly people.  Right now the weather is around the mid 80's but with a little added humidity which we are not used to.  Ann's nephew, Seth, hosted us last night and we all enjoyed a meal out in, what else, a Mexican restaurant.  This is the home of Lance Armstrong, of Tour de France acclaim.  He has a lot of presence here with his own bike shop which has his $10,000 bike in it.  The streets are full of bicyclers mostly just out enjoying themselves, but some seem more serious as they pass us like we are standing still.
The last few days have been pretty rough because of the many hills and narrow roads with little to no shoulders.  Still,we are slowing making our way across the country with only a few days more of Texas to go.  Interesting that our maps do no show any profiles of hills after leaving Texas.  Hummm, that must mean no more hills.  We'll see.
Okay, if you haven't figured the six flags out, here is the answer.  First, the flag was under Spain, then France, then Mexico, then Republic of Texas, then the Confederacy, and finally, the United States.  Quite a history.
Here are a few photos from the past few days.

Texas Hill Country with the ups and downs.  Ann is heading down, hoping for enough speed and momentum to get up the next hill.
Cute fence decorations, all kinds of cowboy boots. 
Lots of Texas ranches along the way.
Camping on the Guadalupe River.
Bill showing you a high is for keeping the deer and other wildlife inside a ranch for the hunters.
 Lone Star of Texas represents the Republic of Texas from 1836-1839.
 Four guys we met biking along the way.  We had good times talking, sharing adventure stories, and having a meal with them.  Since they are driving a support vehicle, they go faster than we do!  Only reason,,,,
Example of starting early in the morning to beat the heat.


  1. Glad to see that you are on the move again. Your blogs are really good. I am "cheating", for I get to see the countryside I want to travel thru first, without being there. Thanks for the Information you are posting. You need to post a page on items you took and used, items you did not take but ended up needing / purchasing. and items you really should have never taken, for you never used them. That would serve us "rookies" in preparation for the trek. God Bless. We still have temps in the high 80's. Nothing like what you folks experienced here through. You folks had all the signs of "heat Exhaustion" and "Dehydration" You almost had a Heat Stroke" We are cheering for you! Glad to read that Mrs. Testerman has almost completely healed from her injury.

  2. Loved the boots on the fence, I took the same one long ago. I'm so glad Ann is doing better. ~Arlete