Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting ready to leave

It seems that "getting ready to leave" is often the hardest part of going on a trip.  In other words, it's not the "getting ready to go" but the "leaving" that gets us down.  Anyway, we are almost there.  Monday will come quickly and then it will all be behind us with just the nuts and bolts of the trip to look forward to. 

Another adjustment will be the weather.  Here is cool and rainy and we will be looking at hot and dry weather in California for the first couple of weeks. 

There are some things we will miss.  One is our grandson, Soren (pictured above).  He is really in a great time of life right now (two years old) in that he can pretty much communicate what he wants to do and the interaction is just great.  The other will be our friends here in Anacortes that we do a lot of activities with.   The time will pass rapidly though and first thing we know, we will be back.

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  1. Soren says he will miss you, too! He's been practicing on his Strider (balance bike), so some day soon he can join you on a bike adventure. Love from OUR travels this weekend to E. Wash. --Shelly, Jeff & the Big 2