Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wickenburg, Arizona

 It's still hot here with record breaking temperatures--108 degrees!!.  Just before we reached Wickenburg, Arizona today at noon, Ann is enjoying a little shade we found along the way and trying to hydrate herself,  We have learned to drink often as we bike in this heat trying to avoid getting into the difficult situation we found ourselves when we first started.

This shows a stretch of the road we have been traveling on the past couple of days.  The surface has been good and it has an adequate shoulder with not to much traffic.  The scenery is mostly desert type vegetation with a variety of cactus and plants such a Creosote Bush, Sagebrush, and lots of small Palo Verde Trees.

We have found the best biking for us is to start about 6 a.m. when it is just geting light and try to be finished by noon.  Before leaving we eat a light snack of energy bars/yogurt/cheese sticks and around mid morning we try to find a cafe to have breakfast.  That has worked well for us in this heat and may be the way we will continue as we travel east.  One of the best things about starting early other than the cool temperatures is the beautiful sunrises which almost take your breath away.

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  1. Hi Bill and Ann.

    We just finished reading about your adventuresome ride. WOW!!! The heat---you are real troopers. Your warm showers host in Lakeside, CA (Dennis Richardson) is the same one we stayed with on our trip.
    We will continue to prayerfully follow your journey across the US.

    Don and Pat DeJong