Thursday, September 16, 2010

Testerman Travels......We're off to bicycle the Southern U.S.

Well, as the subject says, we're on the road again.  This time we are biking, not walking as you might have guessed.  We are excited but a little stressed as the day arrives to leave.  There seems to be a mountain of tasks to do before leaving, but we are slowly checking things off the list. 

 This coming Tuesday, the 21st, we will board a train with our bikes and panniers in Seattle and travel to San Diego.  From there we will start pedaling and arrive about two months, and 3,000 miles, later in St. Augustine, Florida.  There we will travel to Tennessee via bus to visit relatives then fly back home around the first of December.  We are planning a side trip to see Big Bend National Park in Texas  and perhaps the  Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico.  Other that that we will just be pushing those pedals and enjoying the people and places along the way.

We have equipment for camping, although we may stay in hostels, hotels, and with Warm Showers Hosts to freshen up. There will be many challenges to tackle but the weather across the desert has our attention the most right now.  We'll hope the bicycles create enough breeze to keep us cool.

We'll see everyone in a couple of months and share some stories of the adventure.

Picture below was taken on a recent bike trip with Von and Betty Kuehn as we climbed the east side of the North Cascades on an early morning.   That's us pondering the beauty of the mountains.

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