Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sanderson, TX to Bracketville, TX, Oct 26

After returning to Sanderson from Alpine, we did a test ride on the bikes and decided to begin biking the next morning the 60 miles to Langtry where Judge Roy Bean made the town famous with his infamous methods of holding court and dishing out sentences for the guilty (often included buying a round of drinks for all the bystanders).  Since there was no jail, the method of punishment was paying fines.  There is a nice museum there to rest in and learn more about Judge Bean.  We dry camped (no facilities) at the community center.  The only bathroom was at the museum so we used the facilities at the 5pm closing time and when they opened the next morning at 8am.  That day we were off for the 60 miles to Del Rio.  Along the way we met a couple about our age who were biking from East to West across the same route.  It happened at a lunch stop so we shared information about our journeys. They were the first couple we have met anywhere near our age.  Since they are from British Colombia, we might see them in the future for a bike trip.  Biking into Del Rio was a bit exhausting as the temperature was 99 degrees, breaking a record high last set in 1917.  We needed a shower and air conditioning so we stayed in a motel and treated ourselves.  This morning we biked 32 miles into Bracketville where we will camp for the night.  It's a short mileage day for us but the next town is 45 miles away which seemed a bit much for us as Ann's elbow has not healed fully and the afternoons are hot.
Your comments are a joy to read.  Thank you for your encouragement as we head into Central Texas.
Here are some photos from the past few days.

 Richard was a fellow biker we met at Liz's in Alpine.  We took the train the 80 miles from Alpine to Sanderson while he biked, so we got to spend another night with him.  Then he showed up in Langtry after we arrived, as we started early and he started late.  We stayed in Langtry and he went on another 20 miles.  Now he is long gone, but we occasionally hear about "Richard sightings".
 Here is Ann cooking our dinner meal at our "dry camping" spot at the Community Center in Langtry.  It was OK, really.
 We love this sign, one of the sights along the bike route in this big state.
 The meeting of the mature bicyclists in Comstock, TX.  Don't let the OPEN sign fool you.  The place was not really open, as it was closed on Mondays and there we were on a Monday!
 Our first armadillo road kill.  We understand there might be many more.  Notice that it is a 9-banded armadillo.
 Ann stopping on the bridge over the Pecos River, one of the few river beds actually with water!


  1. Looks like you may be very close to Leakey, Texas Friday or Saturday October 29 and 30th. If so PLEASE email me at yogarider@me.com so I can try to meet up with you guys maybe even ride with you Saturday or Sunday. I am the guy who took your picture in Marathon, Texas. Ride safe.

  2. Glad things are well - you are missed back home.

  3. TESTERMANS: hey guys! met you in austin, on the bridge. love your blog! best of luck to you both! you're an inspiration, truly...