Thursday, May 16, 2013


Day 20 Leon
Day 21 Villavante

New countries:  Bulgaria and Astonia

Today we left Leon and walked 31.8 km (about 20 miles) to our Albergue. The last part of the hike was in a light rain but we arrived mostly dry.  Unfortunately the weather is deteriorating. It has been cold enough that we start each morning with long pants, thick socks,  insulated jackets, warm hat, and gloves. Some days we can start taking off clothing as the day warms but today we added!

Let's explain Albergues.  These are where we sleep at night. They are only available to Pilgrims who are walking the Camino and carry a passport called a Credencial del Peregrino, that gets stamped at each Albergue, and many Churches, restaurants, and points of interest.  Albergues can be run by the town (municipal), convent/monastery, or private.  Cost is usually 5 euros for the muni and up to 10 euros for the private ones.  The accommodations are bunk beds, 4-50 in one or more rooms. They are co-ed with privacy at a minimum and ear plugs a must!

Upon arrival in the afternoon we shower, wash clothes, and hang laundry out to dry.

After walking all day we are tired and glad for the rule that lights are out by 22:00 (10:00pm).  You are not allowed to get up much before 6 am, although stirrings, rustlings,and headlamps begin about 5:30. We have to be out by 7:30-8:00.  Often there is a Pilgrim meal served in the evening and a breakfast offered in the morning at 6:30.  Occasionally a kitchen is available so we can fix our own meals or we can eat in a nearby restaurant.

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