Friday, May 10, 2013

The Trail Continues

We are moving along through Spain and enjoying the path as we meet people from many different countries and try to understand languages we have never heard before.  It´s amazing how much you can say with your hands and body language.  Some days have been a little rough lately with the rain and mud but as we say, it comes with the walk.  Every day is an adventure and we awake with the realization that we will take what the day brings.  So far, we will have to recommend to all our readers to put it on your bucket list if your knees will allow it.  The photos below are a few of our favorite so far.  We will update it as we can find the time and internet.  

 Early church in Formista
 Bodagos (wine storage areas)
 Bill looking out over a beautiful scene with miles to go
 Not all days are bright and sunny. Ann with all rain gear and unbrella on a very muddy road
 Example of sleeping area with clothes drying on a line
 Ann looking out over a vista to take your breath away and starting to go down a grade of 18 %
Stork in huge nest on top of a church.  A fairly common sight
Walking along an irrigation canal near Fromista
Drying clothes along with solar water heaters and panels

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Ann!!! What an inspiration you are to all mothers!

    Happy Trails!