Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Days from Santiago

Day 29. Portomarin

Day 30. Palas de Rei

Day 31. Ribadiso

New countries:  Belgium and South Africa

We walked 25.8 kilometers today to arrive at the Albergue  Xunta in Ribadiso by 2:00 pm. The Camino is getting more crowded as we get closer to Santiago.  This albergue is located on the Iso River by a medieval bridge.  We soaked our tired feet in the ice cold river and they feel better.

Yesterday was a nice, warm rare day but today is cool and breezy again.  As we pass through small villages we are seeing unique grain storage structures and sheep in our path.

Two days ago we were in Portomarin on a lake, the largest body of water so far. Our Albergue had a view of the water. Also we attended another mass (misa) at the church there.

And here we are at a Camino marker. Cheers to you all!


  1. I don't remember any blizzards or even snow on the ground in the movie! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day and i wish you more warm weather for the rest of your journey. Thank you for all the beautiful photos and the fascinating commentary. Sadly, I think your stories are as close as I will get to the experience you are having and I am grateful for every word and picture you share. Travel mercies and soft sunshine from now on... joan

  2. 1. Ugh! I'm still having trouble accommodating myself to the weather you've encountered!

    2. By now, you likely have a sense of precisely which of your fellow pilgrims will be arriving in Santiago on the same day. I wonder: Are some of them people you first met three or four weeks ago...or more recently?

    3. If you stay at Seminario Menor in Santiago, remember that a private room is worthwhile because of the size and noise in the large dormitories. Or do you splurge for a hotel?

    4. I think Shelley and I will be pilgrims in September. No snow!

  3. All the pictures are awesome if possible please give me some more information of all the places.