Thursday, May 23, 2013

Into Galicia

Day 23  Foncebadon

Day 24. Ponferrada

Day 25. Villafranca del Bierzo

Day. 26. La Faba

Day. 27  Villoval

Day. 28. Sarria

New country.  China

A lot has happen since our last blog, including walking through a blizzard in Foncebadon and going up to Cruz de Ferro (1504m/4934feet) the highest point on the Camino.

After the snowstorm, the weather has been nice. We left the wheat fields in the Meseta and entered the vineyards in the region of Bierzo.

 Now we are in the Galicia part of Spain where we hear the Galic language spoken quite often. Today we are in Sarria, a major starting point for pilgrims with limited time, but anxious to pick up a Compostela in Santiago. Starting from here will cover the requisite 100 km to the Cathedral.  Now the path will be getting much more crowded.

This is how we feel after a long day's hike. Ready for a rest.

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