Saturday, October 2, 2010

Phoenix or Bust

                                                A lone Saguaro Cactus greets us at sunrise.

As the title suggests, we are in Phoenix, AZ,  but did it the hard way.  Sounds like a repeat story for us with all the adventures we have had along the way.  We left Wickenburg early and made good time, averaging 12 miles an hour.  Along the way we snacked on some light food we carried and stopped at 9:30 a.m. in Peoria at a nice bakery/cafe with 42 miles on the odometer.  Feeling good about ourselves, we called Ann's college roommate, Sue Buskirk, and set up a time to meet them at the end of the Arizona Canal Bike Path in Phoenix, about 20 more miles to go.  Sue and her husband, Dan, had offered to pick us up earlier but we thought we could make the purposed meeting okay.  Well, things went pretty well until we reached what we thought was the bike path.  It was a great bike path, but it went along a dry canal and we ended about one hour later in a gravel pit.  We asked a fellow beside the trail where we were, he informed up we were about 4 miles to the north of the bike path we should have been on.  So here we were in the middle of the day with the temperature hovering around 106, now several miles from our planned meeting place.  We biked until we found a McDonald's, called Dan and Sue letting them know what happen and drank two large cups of liquids until they came to rescue us.
Is was a welcome site to see them, be invited into their home, catch up on kids and the last few years of events, then enjoy dinner and a pancake breakfast this morning.  We will take a day off and start again early in the morning to work our way out of Phoenix and to the open country and mountains beyond.  Hoping for cooler temperatures!

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