Friday, October 15, 2010

Van Horn, TX to Marathon, TX Oct 15

 Here is the fence/wall between the US and Mexico, taken just at dark with a Border Patrol guarding the end.  Warm Showers hostess, Mary, drove us to the end of her ranch property to see it.  There are lots of opinions about the wall here along the border!
This is a Border Patrol vehicle pulling tires behind it to smooth out any footprints in the dirt.  They are trying to prevent illegal persons from crossing the border.  We see lots of patrol cars on the highway we are riding.
Last night we spent in Marfa, a town that has mysterious lights in the distant sky across the desert.  We stayed in a motel and could not bike the 8 miles to the viewing location on bikes, in the dark.  Marfa claims to be the 2nd highest town in Texas at 4800'
On our morning ride, 8 miles out of town, we came to the observation building.  For a town that is quite small, this is a big deal.
Notice the port-a-potty behind Bill.  From Alpine to the next town we kept seeing them and I thought, how nice to have ammenities along the road.  When we saw the Mile 20 sign we guessed it was for a marathon.  How fun, as we were headed to a town called Marathon!

As we entered the town, we were greeted by this banner.  All 2 hotels were full and there are runners all over the place.  We decided NOT to take a day off biking to run the marathon!  We are staying at a hostel called Loma de los Chivos (goat hill).

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