Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ft Hancock, TX to Van Horn, TX Oct 13

We have just checked into a KOA Campground and they say we have 45 minutes to use their computer so we thought we would add a couple of photos and comment on the journey. 
Last evening we stayed with a warm shower host, Mary Miller, in Fort Hancock which gave us an inside picture of the lives of people in that area.  Her property borders Mexico.  First thing she did was drive us to see the "fence" up close.  It was approaching dark and a bordar patrol came to see what we were doing.  Mary said the fence cost 5 1/2 million dollars for each mile.  It is very controversial to everyone in the area.  Her family grows cotton and alfalfa for a living.  They also raise deer and plant them in a large area they have leased.  Hunters pay for the right to hunt on the land.  "Just another way to make money," she said.  They hire about 8-10 people to help on the farm.  Some of the workers live in Mexico and come over the border each day to work.  Everyone in the area speaks Spanish and most of the population is of Spanish background.
We left there early and biked 70 miles today to get to Van Horn.  All day we battled a steady head wind and quite a few uphills.  Tough day.  Plus Bill had another flat even though we put in liners to prevent flats.  There are a lot of "goat heads" in the area and one slipped around the liner we guess.
Here are a few photos from the past few days:

Rio Grande, the river that is the border of Mexico and the US.  It even has water!  Most rivers are dry.

We had more pictures to share, but the computer only wanted to post just one.  We never understand! 
So it is time to sign off and try again another day. 

Best to you all,  Bill and Ann

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