Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marathon, TX to Sanderson, TX Oct 16

We were up early this morning to eat in a local cafe and see the people running the marathon, in Marathon, being driven out 26 miles to begin their run.  We love the breakfast burritos here in the southwest and we both had that for breakfast. 
The ride to Sanderson was 54 miles with not anything along the way.  We had extra water and ate lunch at a covered picnic area along the way.  We were coming into Sanderson watching for the address for the house we were going to be staying in tonight when suddenly Ann's front tire hit Bill's rear pannier and down she went on a gravely surface.  We had just passed a service station and several people came running to help.  Ann was face down with both arms outstretched but the brunt of the fall was her right elbow.  As we helped her to her feet, that was the only apparent injury.  After taking the bikes off the road and walking back to the station, we went to the washroom and cleaned the wound and with the help of a local lady who had a BIG first aid kit. We pulled the skin together and put a tight wrap on it. There was no medical clinic open so we did what we could.  The wound is superficial but the skin is opened a bit.  We will see how it looks after a re wrap as this happen about two hours ago.  We may take a day off here and see how it looks.  Everything works and there is no pain on moving the elbow.  As always, it could have been worse.
There is a lot of open country out here and tomorrow is another 60 mile day with no services along the way.  We generally average about 10 miles an hour counting in stops for water, wildlife viewing, picture taking, etc. so that generally runs us into the afternoon as daylight doesn't come until around 8 a.m. here.
By chance the local library was open in Sanderson and while Ann is resting, I am doing some grocery shopping and blogging.  Here are a few photos from the past couple of days.  Bill

 We found this big guy in the road looking for a victims to pounce on we guessed.  A Tarantula!
 We stay in this unique, in more ways than one, hostel in Marathon.  It's called La Loma de los Chivos (Goat Hill).
 Windmills are always a fascination.  this one was in Marathon.  They are very common in this part of the world.
 Some times we co our computer time where we find one available.  This one was in a workshop at the hostel.
Yes, there are buffalo out here.  A small herd, but they seem well adapted to the dry grass growing.


  1. Dear Bill and Ann,
    Hope Ann's elbow is much better in the morning.
    Your blogs continue to bring back so many good memories.
    Did you stay at Liz's place in Sanderson?
    It is a nice sunny day here in the NW and in the mid 55's. We went to 2 soccer games this a.m. and then out to our daughter in laws parents to make cider.
    Don and Pat

  2. So sorry to hear about Ann's little accident. Good to talk to you yesterday. Thinking of you every day. Take care!
    Love, Sis & Harold

  3. Hi Ann and Bill! Hope you are healing quickly Ann! Sounds like you are having lots of adventures! We love you guys! Bob and Sheryl


  4. Pictures are awesome!Let us know when you end up in FL. We'd love to see you!
    Emily and David

  5. Cheryl and Harold sent us the link and we subscribed! We really enjoyed your pictures.

    Blake and Melissa Montgomery

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry about Ann's accident. Hope all is well now. We pray for safe travels for the rest of your journey.

    Take care,
    Bruce and Faye Ferguson
    Surgoinsville, TN