Monday, October 18, 2010

Sanderson, Texas Oct 19

We are still in Sanderson, TX as Ann recuperates from the biking injury she sustained on Saturday.  We went to the local medical clinic this morning and had the elbow checked out by a PA who cleaned up the area and put on fresh bandages.  He suggested an x-ray if the pain in the end of the elbow persist.  She has good movement of the joint with no pain except when it is bumped.  He also prescribed some antibiotics to prevent infection and, more importantly, dispensed some dressing so we could change the bandage once or twice a day.  When the bandage was removed, the wound looked much better to me than it did on Saturday.  It wasn't as open and appeared to already be filling in some.  This evening we will take a ride around town on the bikes and, if all goes well, we will take off tomorrow for Langtry, 60 miles away, on our way to Del Rio.  There is a hospital there where Ann can get an x-ray if we feel it is necessary.
Here are a few photos to see the country and what we are doing.

Here we are in Marathon taken by a fellow who was running the half marathon.  He and his wife were from San Antonio, TX.  We drink a quart of Gatorade whenever we get close to a place that sells it to replace those electrolytes and fluids.
 We see a lot of ranch signs like this along the way.  Some are really original names and others reflect the Spanish influence.  Most of the ranches are 25-50,000 acres in size.  It takes a lot of land to support a cow here.  (this is for you, Lupita)

 This morning after a visit to the medical clinic, we took a walk on a path around town.  The desert has its own beauty, but we miss the green of the Pacific Northwest.  Notice Ann's elbow wrap. 
Bill is inspecting (carefully) a Saguaro Cactus in front of the house in which we are staying in Sanderson. 

A little bit about Sanderson, Texas, in Terrell County.  It is located about half way between El Paso and San Antonio on highway 90.  The closest stop light from here is 65 miles.  It is a town of approximately 800 people with 140 kids in school from K through High School.  The average rainfall is 13 inches.  This past July it rained 11 inches in one week!  Terrell County is the 10th largest county in Texas with a land mass of 2300 square miles (about the size of Rhode Island ) and has 2.3 square miles of land for each local citizen.  It is nestled in a canyon surrounded by low mountains and as the locals say, the sunsets are beautiful with no two of them looking the same.  The county is bordered by 56 miles of the Rio Grande to the south, with Mexico on the other side of the river. Sanderson is the Cactus Capital of Texas.  We understand the real estate is quite reasonable for anyone wanting to relocate here.

Bill and Ann, hopefully on the road again..........


  1. Glad to read your update. I am praying for your welfare and your spirits to be uplifted as you continue your trip. I am excited to see your adventure log. Wish I could be there along with you folks. You should be getting a push of the winds (tail winds)for the next 2-4 days. Not too strong, but in your favor anyways. Rain is expected for Del Rio and west. So, you may be at the end of the rain clouds. Consider it all a blessing. You are almost there. Don't feel dismayed, cheer up and keep on biking. I will read from your blog later in the week. God Bless. Best wishes to both of you and hope her injury gets well fast. Sincerely Ernesto.

  2. Happy Birthday to my brother! Hope your "big day" is a great one for you! Mom wishes you a "Happy Birthday", too, just in case you are unable to reach her tomorrow. We are thinking of you both, and we will celebrate with a cherry pie and ice cream when you get to Tennessee...Love, Cheryl & Harold

  3. Teresa and I loved our visit with you in Marathon Texas on Friday October 15th. My half Marathon was great with a time of 2:00:35. I will take it. I love to see you guys living the dream on the road. Friends am I will be riding in Utopia Texas Saturday morning October 30th. Please post if you will be anywhere near Utopia and we could drive or ride out to visit with you. Thirteen fellow cyclists would love to visit with you guys.

    God Bless ... Brice and Teresa Moczygemba ;)